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Thread: How to Ping sites or Pang?

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    How to Ping sites or Pang?

    Is there a way that i can Ping sites from notepad.
    I have tried so many proxies moon i have tried the proxies you gave me and they don't work!
    I'm telling Proxies arent' the answer to my problem what baut pinging can i ping sites from Notepad or something else?
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    You can't get around a school's firewall by using command prompt.
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    moonbat can you contact me i have a question for you..

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    xoloca Guest
    ping (sitE)

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    Cool New member

    Hello everyone,

    Can anyone introduce me to this new forum? i wanna know what and how can i gain and enhance my skills in this forum ?


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    You actually can bypass the sites in my retarded school by pinging and getting the ip. Easier way to do it is click ^ tool box and type it in the whois same thing.
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