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Thread: No Proxies Are Working at my school! (literally)

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    Question No Proxies Are Working at my school! (literally)

    Okay people. look. I have tried so many proxies at my school that i am amazed myself that i still can't get to any sites! Okay the firewall system at my school is "CPIS filter system" i'm telling you people now this firewall system is very complex! Is there another way i can get around this firewall system?

    And can someone also tell me how to get the command prompt at my school unblocked. This doesn't work i tried it

    @echo off
    @echo on

    Any ideas on that too?

    You guys don't know how much this means to me REALLY thanks a million!

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    This is a duplicate thread. You've already made a topic on this.

    Command prompt won't help you bypass your school's firewall.

    Your best bet is to keep trying to use proxies until you find one that works.
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