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Thread: "crack" someone elses 'kelogger/trojan'?

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    "crack" someone elses 'kelogger/trojan'?

    Dunno really where to post this.. But if this thread do not belong here then please remove or move it :P

    Moving on to the question itself:

    Is there any possible way to "open" the infected file someone just sent you? And get all their information?

    I know it's possible somehow, I've seen it before though I don't know how nor how hard it is.
    I've just had it with all these bullshit "hackers" as they like to call themselves, spreading keyloggers everywhere and they would be so pissed if changed their password that they're using.

    Hope I'll get any help with this. Thanks
    Oh yes, he did!

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    Of course it's possible (at least theoretically), what's the keylogger you're referring to? It depends from case to case.

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