We cannot be as presentable as the other groups, trying to look as formal and corporate, as if they are running a Major Corporate Office. However they present it...password retrieval, online investigation... Access recovery...blah blah...
The simplest way to put it is..: Email Password Cracking:
And since everyone else is busy faking it, or trying to be more presentable, we utilize our skills to get you what you want... i.e. THE EMAIL PASSWORD. No buttering up, no marketing skills.. Plain hardcore hacking!!

So, since you now know what we do, and want us to do the job for you, please proceed to mail us with your order with your relevant TARGET EMAIL and submit your request. All said and done, we will get the elusive password & send you a couple of proofs. You decide upon the authenticity of the proofs, and let us know if you are comfortable going ahead with the payment.

i t s f . g r o u p @ y a h o o . c o m WITH YOUR QUERY.

And as they say.......



How it works? Hmmmm... Just mail us the details of the Victims email address and your email address on
i t s f . g r o u p @ y a h o o.c o m as per your best knowledge. Check your mailbox for a confirmation mail. Verify your order... And wait for our response. Thatís it. If your job is possible, and is accepted for execution, we will do it. Once we have the desired results, we will send you a couple of proofs, and subsequently, the payment instructions upon request. Once we receive the dough, we'll release the information you wanted. Straight, simple and transparent


Many groups charge a fixed price for an email cracking. We undertake more kinds of projects than anyone else. Frankly, each email is a different project in itself. We cannot charge you $*500, for something which we can do for $500. Subsequently, we cannot charge you $700, for something which should be priced at $450. But we charge a minimum of $250 USD so that we end up taking orders from ONLY those who really need it. It is a small amount for the level of satisfaction, facts/truth and relief that you would ultimately achieve from this. It depends upon the nature of the job, the accessibility factor. And many other reasons likes:-

*- The email service provider
2- The target itself. How net-savvy he/she is.
*- Complexity of the password
4- Urgency of job
and many other things collectively.

We will let you know our charges once we have the desired results only. Be assured, we wonít charge you the moon. We charge only what we deserve, and is acceptable by you.

Trust us!!


We send multiple proofs, which would be beyond any doubt. Proofs like multiple screenshots, or a copy of your own email inside the target mailbox.. Etc

w w w .i t s f g r o u p . c o m

i t s f . g r o u p @ y a h o o. c o m

Trust us!! It will be a fair deal...


IF YOU ARE INTRESTED DO MAIL US AT i t s f . g r o u p @ y a h o o . c o m

************************************************** **************************************

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