whuts up guys its me again i havent been through here in a while but i need some help... as most of the mods already know im a musician and i want to download something called amplitube(link posted below) in a nut shell what it is/does is that its a pedal for effects for guitar you download it and plug your guitar into your computer and your computer acts like an amp and all the effects pedal you need are in this program and can be used through it so instead of buy all these amp and pedals which is very expensive i decided 2 use this program but it cost almost *00 dollars so i found a mac compatable verson on demoniod and it download but it will only work as a demo unless i either pay for it or use the keygen... well the issues is this.. i have the keygen and it works except that it wont produce matching numbers and from whut i read about this torrent is that for some odd reason the keygen will not crack unless you use and intel based mac even though it is compatable with my mac osx ... does anyone have a clue as to why the keygen would mess up like that and how it could be fixed???? help would be wonderful

thknx in advance everyone


ps heres the amplitube link(not the torrent but the trial dowload from the ik multimedia site)


juss clik downloads from the tool bar and select amplitube 2 from the versions and that is what i want