Hello, i'm exploring anything nifty i can do with my mac.. and hopefully would like to know how to get started "hacking" my mac.
Just whatever i can do, make cool scripts.. etc.
Anyways, i know "hacking" is a complex procedure.. so i just ask, where and how does one start doing this. I'm running ver. *0.4.**, and was just wondering what would be a good place to start.
Are there tutorials out for me to transform my simple mac (Powerbook G4) to something.. well i don't know, interesting and just customized like crazy.

Any tips or s***estions would be greatly appreciated.

Also, are there any hacks i can perform with my ipod classic (80gb)
that question isn't as important to me.. but it would be cool if there was an answer.

I know my way around computers enough to get by.. but i wanted to expand my knowledge a little bit further, and was hoping you as a community could assist.