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Thread: Finding IP address from Email address?

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    Question Finding IP address from Email address?

    I wanted to know if there is a way to get someone's general location from their email address, I assume that I can get what I want from the IP address, am I right?
    I dont need an exact location or anything like that, city and country would be fine.
    help, anyone?
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    You can't get the sender's true IP from an email anymore (AFAIK) and you can't get anything from the email itself. Try Googling the email, maybe you could get some sort of lead.
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    I found this at PCWorld, email *****er pro. I haven't tried it,but it has a *5 day free trial. It says for *****ing spam email,but it claims to find the source,and may work.

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    thanks alot. It's just that this girl is pretending to be someone she's not and I'm trying to find a way to "spook" her into quitting. She's got a myspace account and an MSN all under an identity that isnt hers and i just wanted a way to prove that she isnt who she says she is, I mean, I know but I want other people to be able to know too because its really not fair what she's doing.

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    There is a good tutorial regarding this issue here:


    It explains in detail what you can and can't get from the IP address. See the "How preciese is the information" chapter.

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