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Thread: Questions on anonymous proxies.

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    Questions on anonymous proxies.

    I have a couple of questions on anonymous proxies. I found a list of working anonymous proxies based in various countries but how do I use them. Can anyone post a step by step on how to configure your system to use them? I think alot of people would benefit from that. That was my first question.

    My second question is if you use an anoymous proxy can you get into legal trouble by the proxy server? They will know that you used it because when you connected to it you left your real IP address behind. Correct?

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    Re: Questions on anonymous proxies.


    I assume that you are using MSIE as browser, in this case please do as follows:

    >Close MSIE if it's open

    >Right click (RIGHT CLICK) the icon placed on your desktop and called InternetExplorer

    >A new window will open called 'internet properties' in the english OS

    >Select 'connections' Tab

    >Depending on the Windows version that you use, the presentation might be a bit different.

    >In all cases, look here for 'settings' button and find the proxy field.
    in the first part you can enter an address or an IP.
    in the shorter part you enter the port of the proxy.
    you get these proxies from different sites/forums etc..
    like for instannce ***.222.*2*.2*2________**28

    Do not be surprised if a working proxy today will be dead tomorrow.
    in this case, shut down MSIE, redo the above
    by entering another working proxy.

    Using a proxy in NOT ILLEGAL,
    UNLESS you use it to cover ILLEGAL actions, like hacking sites, propagating viruses, or trying to gain access of somebody's else PC, etc..

    In this case, you might be traced up and you end up in BIG trouble.

    good luck

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    try this place

    tell Zen hansel sent you

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