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Thread: Change IP address to win a contest.

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    Change IP address to win a contest.

    I have entered an online contest where you can vote once a day per IP. I was doing a good job promoting and winning for 4 days.
    Out of nowhere another entrant jumped from *7 votes to *57 in one day, I know this person is cheating, not sure if they will get caught but how can you get a lot of IP'S for yerself?
    The library, the apple store?
    I did all the research and came up short on figuring out you can give your computer like 50 different IP's per day.
    I don't have dial up, I have linksys.
    I do have Compuserve but I use the TC connection , not dial up, I heard you can get a dif IP every time with dial up, maybe that is how she is cheating?
    Please help, and if ya wanna vote for me let me know!

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    Dialing in repeatedly is one way. Unpl***ing your dsl modem for about *0 minutes is another that may work, as long as your ip address dynamic. All are tedious for me. Using proxies is another way. [url]*Aen-US%*Aofficial&hs=NHW&q=using+proxies+to+change+ip&btnG=Search[/url]

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