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Thread: Cookies

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    Unhappy Cookies

    Chocolate chip, or peanut butter?

    Just kidding.

    I don't know where this thread goes.. but here goes. Alright, so here's my situation.

    I hadn't signed into my yahoo account for a while, so yesterday, I decided to check my email. Well, long story short, my password would not work. I tried every single password I could think of, but nothing worked. I now believe that my account may have been... compromised.

    I still have the yahoo cookies on my computer.. is there any way I can use them to somehow log into my account to change my password?

    I was expecting an extremely important email, which is why I tried to check the dumb account in the first place..

    I have tried the 'forgot password' feature that yahoo has, and I can get all the way to my security question--but none of my answers are right, which makes sense considering I always lie on those (my friends would be able to guess the answer). Sadly, now I can't remember what I put (I've had the email account for 6 years, so it makes sense as to why I can't remember).

    I have tried emailing yahoo. I got no reply.

    I have tried calling yahoo. I got no answer.

    Is there anything I can do to get my account back?

    It's so weird.. I'm sitting here trying to figure out how to break into my own account.. the irony of the situation would be amusing, were the need for my account not so dire.

    Anyway.. could anyone assist me in reclaiming my account?

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DANIEL2488 View Post
    Firefox or IE? And which version?
    FireFox -- the last time I logged in was 4/**/08 at *:46 PM. I think that was the version before the current version (I have the current version now).

    I avoid using IE whenever possible.

    Thank you.

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