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Thread: Mcafee

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    Hey my Mcafee has just ran out and i cant be bothered bying it agian so what could i use instead Any Help

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    Anything that's not Norton (and by extension Symantec).
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    Is McAfee better then Zone alarm pro?

    Is there a way to have both of them?

    Someone please answere.

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    Is HP better than Dell? It is a matter of opinion.
    It is not a good idea to run 2 or more virus scanners/security suites at the same time, they will conflict and cause problems.

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    Wink free mcaffee

    find someone with a email account, have them go to your place, let them log into their comcast home page, from there, you can download a full version of mcaffee suite for free. it is available to anyone who has services.

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