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Thread: MS Word Password problem

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    MS Word Password problem

    So, I have a couple documents, lets say they are mine, and not my ex girlfriends...

    So I have these word documents, I believe they were made on the last edition of Word before .docx or w/e that new file format is called. They have a password on them, I do not believe that it is a *rd party password, and this is where I am stuck because to my knowledge MS doesn't have a built in password option for Word documents.

    Anyways I have tried opening the documents in Word, and I am prompted to insert a password. I tried on Open Office, again password prompt. Switched the file extension to .txt hopinh, although .doc and .txt are not the same Notepad opens it and is readable except for garble on top and on bottom, to no avail.

    Anyone have any idea how to open these? It seems to me that the password has to be in the document somewhere, as the document is no longer on the PC they were made on. Anyway I could find the passwords?

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    There is a password unlock solution named Password Unlocker Bundles can solve your problem.and, Word Password Unlocker *.0 of the bundle is exactly what you needA*06;
    get it here:

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    op has been waiting 6 years for that answer.

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