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Thread: How to recover deleted gmail emails?

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    Question How to recover deleted gmail emails?

    Is there a program to recover emails that I deleted in my gmail account? I've already checked the "trash" and they are gone. Thanks in advance.

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    with webmail, it is probably gone. Try contacting gmail asap, maybe they can recover them for you

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    Yeah...that's what I thought...

    Thanks Gordo. Contacting gmail is like contacting Hotmail.....good luck. I see there are a ton of programs to recover Outlook emails...but that doesn't help me. Yuck...

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    regina Guest
    I don't work for GMail, but I do have some experience with these things.

    If a court orders GMail to produce your deleted emails, they *may*,
    with a tremendous amount of work be able to locate some remaining
    "residue" of your deleted emails in places like archives or backups.
    This means that, if the timing was right, a deleted message or two
    *might* happen to be floating around. If the case was tremendously
    important, forensics might even be performed designed to recover items
    that have been "deleted" but not yet overwritten/eradicated. However,
    this is not something they would even attempt to do under normal

    Think of it this way:
    A hospital has the ability to pump your stomach to remove poison or to
    perform abdominal surgery to remove foriegn objects, but they wouldn't
    do so because you ate something you didn't like the taste of.

    When you pressed Delete, GMail deleted your messages, as you instructed.
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    aksaia Guest
    There is a way to actually recover emails that have been lost or deleted but you cannot do it manually. What you need is a data recovery program that specializes in restoring emails. Simply scan your computer and it will allow you to preview each and every lost email before you restore them. It can also bring back the attachments.
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    alvena Guest
    You can(try at least)to convince Google to allow you access to it's
    servers and then learn advanced data recovery techniques .Failing that
    maybe the arresting officer won't show up at the trial or the judge
    will have a heart attack etc.
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