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Thread: how can i limit the net speed on my local network ??

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    Question how can i limit the net speed on my local network ??

    hello guys ..
    i'm just wondering how can i limit the net speed on someones pc on my local network ??

    i'm getting annoyed from who is downloading such as Tweak****** to get all of the net to his pc ..

    that's my problemoo..
    hope some good answers


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    and by the way ... i'm using a win server 'nd ISA 2004..

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    You need a traffic shaper. Something like [url]http://bandwidthcontroller.com/[/url] .

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    Thumbs up

    thanks mrbyte for replying me ..
    i'm going to test it now ..

    i appreciate your work.

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    There's no software that you can use if they are all directly connected to the router. It has to be done through the router and the router must have the QoS (Quality of Service) feature. If yours don't have that then you have to buy one that has.

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