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Thread: Possible for discrete auto install keylogger?

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    Possible for discrete auto install keylogger?

    Now I know you can use a binder to attach a keylogger to a .exe file, but is it possible to have a keylogger discretly install itself with no trace that it exists on a computer when acessed via a website?

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    of course it is,and you don't need to bind it with another.exe file,you can choose any file (picture ect.)
    Just make sure the keylogger server is set to "melt" into the system. Once it melts,hardly any antivirus will find it,unless of course you're using a very detecable keylogger.
    If you bind the keylogger server you can try it out like this:
    keylogger.exe set to install in (windows/system) execute
    picture.jpg set to execute in "Temp"
    When the person clicks the file the picture.jpg will sho and the keylogger.exe will install silently.
    Look thru the forum before posting your questions,there are plenty topics about this,let's make our mods their work little easier.
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