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Thread: Im angry at dell

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    Im angry at dell

    My comps a gx240 dell and when it was bought suposedly had *gig of ram.. well today being suspicious after 6 years of a slow comp ran this freeware program "CPU-z" [url]http://www.cpuid.com/cpuz.php[/url] which says this comp onlys got *84mb of ram! * *28 mb card + * 256 mb card! should i sue dell lol this makes me angry its no wonder that i cant run any programs without things hosing up. that plus ive only got windows
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    According to that link, it originally had 256mb of ram. It seems odd that dell would install unmatching sizes of ram. Bumping your ram up to 5*2mb (2x256mb) should help a lot.Here is a good read. [url]http://www.pcbuyerbeware.co.uk/RAM.htm[/url]
    Running ccleaner and a defrag the harddrive should help too.

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