Hey guys,

Currently I'm in high school and I've really got nothing better to do with my time but take study halls and read books since I've finished getting all my ******s. I'm really interested in the methodology of general (I know "general" isn't so general) programming, viruses and key loggers. I'd really like to advance my current knowledge of such into a much further study and practice.

I don't really know if you guys had a lot of prerequisites when coming into such things but I'm really comfortable around computers, I know a bit of HTML from w*schools.com before I got zoned out,

So here comes my question, simple stated as "Were did you guys start at?" I mean everyone has to start somewhere and was just wondering if you advanced members could guide me at all. "Do you currently use any books that you used as references to maybe get started or did you use any tutorials that really helped you?"

That is all, sorry hopefully I didn't make this post too long. I'm just really interested and bored and thought I could get help from some more advanced members.

-Take it easy.