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    Don't trust proxies if...

    If you plan on doing anything illegal, don't ever use any web proxies. This is common knowledge, but why am I emphasizing it now? Behold, Exhibit A.

    If you haven't heard about how the United States Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin had her Yahoo! email hacked, read about it at [*]

    Now, according to [2] an Anonymous member with the handle "Rubico" used the proxy at [url][/url] to mask his activities. But the owner of, Gabriel Ramuglia, voluntarily offered the logs to the FBI containing the IP address of Rubico.

    So, like I said. Don't trust web proxies. They will not cover you, because behind every proxy site is an owner who does not want to get arrested for obstruction of justice. Or even worse, an owner who is willing sacrifice the percieved anonimity of its users just to get one little quote published in an article.

    Oh, if you were wondering, Rubico was discovered. He's a 20-year old named David Kernell in Tennessee. Turns out that when Kernell was posting his hack on the Web, he used the email address that was tied to all of his other less scrupulous activities. So, lesson #2, don't use your true email when doing something illegal.

    Are people this stupid nowadays?

    [*] - [url],85**,*8420*7,00.html[/url]
    [2] - [url]**405-*08.html[/url]
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