Bonjour everybody, I am Sebastian for those who dont know me, and i'm also new to programming. I had started playing the game RuneScape created by the company JaGex about 4 years ago. I'm proud of a Lv. *25 main and about * other accounts (Lv. **, Lv. 84, Lv. 8*). The problem is, that know i'm in High School this year (eek!), so I don't have enough time to play. Well I found a way to get your levels up when your not playing, which is by using a bot that could train my skills whether I am taking a pop quiz at school or i'm at an airsoft war. I found free downloads of bots but they just inserted keyloggers in my computer and I had to buy some expensive antivirus software that took very long to work. So I tried learning Java to help, since JaGex uses Java to make and update the game I thought it would get me an edge. Any s***estions on like cool video tutorials or something?