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Thread: Keylogger installed via CD???

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    Unhappy Keylogger installed via CD???

    I've got an interesting little situation....
    Seems like my ex-boyfriend is trying to spy on me. A very reliable source revealed to me today that my ex is sending me a CD of pictures that I've been wanting from our last vacation together and in it, he's installing a keylogger!???? Please excuse my retardedness when it comes to these things, I even had to look up what a keylogger was when I first heard! I'm a medical student so yea, it's like a different world to me but I just can't believe he'd do this!! Is this real? Can someone seriously do that? So as soon as I put the CD in my laptop, he automatically gets all my passwords and everything? What can I do? I want the pictures, don't want the keylogger, obviously...
    Any s***estions??

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    disable autorun on your comp. [url][/url]
    Then put the cd in and browse it using explorer but don't click anything. If you see any files that are exe/scr/bat/com/pif don't mess with those. If you see a file like slideshow.exe or MyPic.jpg.exe don't click those.
    Files with extensions like jpg/gif/pps are safe.
    You can upload suspicious files to [url][/url] which scans them with multiple virus scanners.

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    Thanks for the info!!!
    Can't wait to see what I find!! How unfair....

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