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Thread: C++ Learning & Windows API

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    C++ Learning & Windows API

    Regarding Ezekiel's comment on

    Quote Originally Posted by Ezekiel View Post
    Step *: learn a powerful language such as C or C++.
    Step 2: learn the Windows API.

    The rest should come naturally.

    *. Can anyone point me please to where I can learn C/CPP (I want to learn these specific languages)?

    2. And also point me to where I can learn Socket Programming

    *. And most important - to point me to where I can learn Windows API

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    The following website has some pretty good C++ tutorials. I haven't studed C++ much (I do PHP and C#), but this site is still pretty good.


    As for Windows API, I've never really had to use it, so I kinda stopped learning it.
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