Why use Xero****? Because YOU need it would be a good answer, but still it is not the only good answer. Xero****'s business is selling anonymity, which is essential to freedom. But let's slow down and let's see first what is Xero****, and then why YOU need it.
Xero**** is a company that sells an online anonymization service; they achieve this by routing all your internet traffic through a VPN connection so that all your traffic seems to come from Xero****: the website you are connecting to won't see your real IP address, but Xero****'s IP address; your Internet Service Provider won't see your real destination, but will only and always see Xero**** as your destination; and nobody between you and Xero**** will be able to snoop on your traffic. Such traffic, in fact, is encrypted using AES 256bit, which is considered one of the most secure encryption algorithms around. Xero****, on the other hand, won't snoop on your traffic, and can guarantee this with its wonderful privacy policy.
Now that you know what Xero**** does, you are probably wondering why YOU might want to use something like that, and I'll say: because your freedom is at risk. More and more countries are passing laws that invade the privacy of the citizen, making it easy for governments to collect data on individuals even without any warrant, and I am not talking about Chinese or Iranian Government; but not only Governments can have access to such data: your ISP knows much about you! They know what kind of music you like (they can see what music you are buying online), they know with whom you have correspondence (they can see to whom you are sending emails), they know what your health situation might be (they can see what kind of medical information you are browsing on the Internet), they can even know your sexual orientation (I bet you know how they can do that ) I am not trying to scare you... They are giving you good reasons to be scared already. Freedom of speech is a basic right, and anonymity is essential to freedom of speech; your private data should be just that: PRIVATE. It doesn't matter if you think you don't have nothing to hide and you think you are doing nothing wrong, because "wrong" and "right" are very relative, and you never know what the others think might be wrong.
Lastly, let me spend few words about why Xero**** and not some other service; there are plenty of services that look similar to Xero****, and are even cheaper, but Xero**** is the only one that can guarantee that none of your personal data will be accessible without different warrants from different judges in different countries. And besides that, Xero**** is easy to use!!
Don't waste time, give it a try and you can be sure you won't be deluded. For any information you can visit [url]http://xero****.com[/url], or you can email me: myprivatemail _at_ xero**** _dot_ net.
<b>Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Xero Networks AG.</b>