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Thread: Anti virus/Anti spyware....please recommend...

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    Question Anti virus/Anti spyware....please recommend...

    Happy New Year everyone!

    I've posted here before and you guys are great! So, I thought I'd ask another really dumb newbie question.....

    My current anti-virus/anti-spyware program needs to be renewed next month and I'm wondering (after all the drama that I've had in the past with my idiot x) what is the best program for me? McAfee...Norton....etc. My biggest concern is spyware (keyloggers, etc)...

    Thanks everyone! You always are so nice to help me....especially Gordo and Noz! :-)

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    Hi NYbaby, Happy New Year. I like Kaspersky Internet security 200*. The pro-active defense is legendary among the trojan sites for being unpassable. It blocks anything that auto-starts and autoruns. Its virus scanner is excellent too. Hope this helps.

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