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Thread: MYyspace hack request

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    MYyspace hack request

    Ok i have been looking for a myspace bypass code, the one u save on your about me section with the hacking site url, so when people go on your profile it and click anywere it would take them to the fake page, i cant find a code that works no were. myspace has patch every single code, but i dunno how the hell is that people from the porn sites have that code working. like i will receive messages in my myspace from cute girls and when i go on their profile and click anywere it would take me to their porn site, i need a code like that? can anyone help pls.

    am willing to show some of my tricks on how to make ***** with myspace if someone can get me a working bypass code.

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    im interested.. send me a message on the forums and ill give you contact info
    Yes..i do wear a grey hat... and don't plan on changing to white or black..

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    Will someone delete a myspace account for me?

    Ive been trying to but the email the account is on.....i had canceled the email. i thought if i recreated it, it would still be the same but its not and now i forgot the password to the email. So can anyone help and delete the myspace account? PLEASE???????

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    Depending on how long you been using that pc,and if the password is stored somewhere in that pc,there are programs that specialize in retrieving all stored passwords from a system.
    Google it,i'm sure you'll find good results and beware of tricked programs infected.

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