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Thread: needing help with cookies on my own computer

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    needing help with cookies on my own computer

    my wife and i share a computer. i just made her sites save all cookies in our security on internet options. i need to log on to her myspace and yahoo to see what she is doing. i have a bad feeling and every time i get like this im always right. she knows this and that is why she wont tell me her passwords any more. she has cheated on me in the past and ive always found out by logging on to her accounts. is there a way to find her passwords in her cookies or a way to use them to log on to her sites. this is the fifth night ive been up all night trying to figgure out this crap. her history shows messaging and emailing but not to whom. i have taken ***** of time and when she does this is when i leave her alone on the computer. and i do that on intention. she has stopped going to those sites around me about a week ago. she has changed her myspace password, and since then thats when the messaging and emailing started. please help me. im sick and tired of this crap and i need proof. i dont want to leave her over nothing.


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    A google search brought me here. [url][/url]

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    Well if you share the same pc,just install a keylogger in the pc,seat back and just wait a day or two.
    Just make sure you keep it in "hidden mode" so she won't notice it.
    Look thru out the forum,there's plenty information on it.

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