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Thread: C++ virus

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    minaadel1994 Guest

    C++ virus

    Hi , i would love if someone gave me a tut about virus making in C++...
    i know know the basics (u know from tuts) so... i might work it out to understand ..... anyways!
    i would be appreciated


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    Quote Originally Posted by DANIEL2488 View Post

    I've seen some good stuff with the Windows API done on the forums of this site.
    thanks, i read

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    minaadel1994 Guest

    nice but not wat i wanted

    thats cool but i do console app.... and i needed a virus tutorial (educational purposes) not winapi

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    i recommend learning what a virus is lol.. i remember when i was young that viruses where the only thing that existed and they where only made to slow your computer down XDDDD good times... good times..
    Yes..i do wear a grey hat... and don't plan on changing to white or black..

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