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Thread: Keylogger Link?

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    Question Keylogger Link?

    Is it possible to send someone a keylogger through a link to a web site that you'd post in a simple email? I've seen posts here that Gordo or other mods have locked or edited due to it being a keylogger....how is this done?

    I'm a computer dork....you all know that already....so sorry if this sounds dumb. :-)

    Help a little girl out, will ya! :-)

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    Gordo...sorry if I posted this in the wrong section...I meant to post it in "general".

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    Hi nybaby, I moved it for you. Those links I removed were just links to keyloggers/trojan horses to download. One way they do it is get a popular keylogger installer like ardamax, bind it with another keylogger or trojan horse server. They then put it at a site like rapidshare and post the link at as many sites as possible. When someone downloads and attempts to run ardamax, the malware installs silently.
    I think what you are referring to is something like this. [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drive-by_download[/url]

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    It only usually happens when you either use crappy, outdated software, have poor security or are downloading from untrusted sources. I run no antivirus or firewall software, yet my computer (running Vista) is totally malware-free.
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