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Thread: Find info about a hacker

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    Question Find info about a hacker

    Hey guys I am in a great jam. I had someone steal **** account numbers and use them in the wrong way to check X-rated sites. I am trying to find the guy but he is behind a sprint firewall. I do not care how to do it but I just want to find out who is he. Or actually were he lives. I have a few info about him that I dug up so far. His IP is 65.4*.4*.86 it is an Ohio account. He is user also he has a few more info.

    the other ***********s were on march **th and *8th
    on IP65.40.7*.5*
    the user for that one is

    I also know that they registered as Paul Hampton
    They used our address but had one number wrong *86*4 instead of *87*4
    They used a bogus E-mail address, donthave@*.com
    their user name is PAHT
    and the password is HORMDOG

    Any help will be truly apreciated.
    Bob The Greek

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    Re: Find info about a hacker

    hi Bob

    Please get in touch with the Admin of this IP range, explain the situation and mostly be precise when giving the IP number (dynamic) by indicating the day and the time.
    As the user that has the same IP, say on a sunday at **:00 might be different from the user having the same IP at *:00 PM.. (dynamic IP assignement)

    They will help - 65.4*.255.255
    Sprint DSL Network
    500 N New York Ave
    Winter Park, FL, *278*

    IP Administrator, IP

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    google for what ever info u kno wabout him.He might have an internet presence.

    Regards Data.

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