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Thread: .su proxies?

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    I know, I'm back agin looking for
    proxys. What I need now is a proxy
    that ends in ".su". This isn't an easy
    task to do on my own. Consitering I
    don't know much about proxys at all. I
    have Proxy Hunter. The thing about my
    search is that with proxy hunter the
    only way I will know if they are .su is
    to do a DNS Look Up after I find the
    proxys and at this rate I'll be looking
    forever for a .su proxy. I know they
    exist. If you guys can help me under
    stand proxys I would be greatful. What
    are the ranges of proxys?

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    Reply to Aragorn...

    I posted a link for you in reply to your first post that lists .ru and .su proxies. Here it is again. Click the link.


    Also, this site has a good introduction to proxies:


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    Unhappy su proxies

    also looking for working and free su proxies

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