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    hey I just want to know how do I make a program that send a shortcut or file directly to the windows startup folder, so that the shortcut start automatic??? It needs to be something easy, What program can I use thanks...

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    hey, i dont understand very well what you exactly want.
    if you want the program to add to startup only a single file you should create at C++ a simple program that edits autoexec.bat which is located at c:\

    another way i think is to create this batch file like this
    @echo off
    echo call myApp.exe << c:\autoexec.bat
    save this file as startup.bat or whtever u want and save it

    hope i waz told clear

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    If you only want is to add a shortcut program to a start up. You can done it by using a VB6. Try to use the functions of the VB6.
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