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Thread: Finding Boyfriend

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    Smile Finding Boyfriend

    Although this may appear fairly juvenile, I need to find a way to semi-locate my boyfriend. We have poor communication right now and he's away for work. I have found discrepancies in his info given to me about his location. Is there any possible way I can check to make sure he's in the city I think he is for this time period? Please, any helpful info or ideas is appreciated, but I am in no way soliciting any MORAL advice. Thanks Peeps.

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    No moral advice? Gee, you are taking all the fun out of it.
    If he emails you, you could try finding the ip address and then look up the location. [url][/url]
    Hire a private detective to find him. That is all I can think of right now.

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    So what ways exactly do you have of reaching him? I mean, if you can't call him or talk online, there's not much that can be done short of getting the FBI to triangulate his phone or launch a city-wide search operation...

    If you can reach him online, there are a few tricks you could use to get his IP address and thus find out where his ISP is located, but that often is rather useless information. It all needs either ********* know-how, or someone with incentive (AKA *****) to help you.

    Maybe try a private detective?
    Who needs drugs when you have electrons?

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    You dont have his cell no.

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    Get a Vet to get one of those chips they put in dogs with needles to implant one into your boyfriend while he's asleep then you should be able to check the site to find out where he is lol.

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