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Thread: How Do I Install My Program without the Product Key?"

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    How Do I Install My Program without the Product Key?"

    How Do I Install My Program if I dont Have the Product Key?"

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    If the program has a free trial,try to find a serial/crack for it,even tho i do not endorse that.
    Lok in warez sires for cracked versions,sometimes you can find a similar program for free (freeware)
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    Beware that cracks serials are loaded with malware

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    n0z and gordo both made very good points. If you do plan on using cracks/keygens, be sure to scan them with [url=http://www.virustotal.com/]VirusTotal[/url] to check for malware. You might get a few false positives, like Win*2/Generic or Win*2/Suspicious, but you can ignore them. You can also test the cracks/keygens in a virtual machine environment to keep your real computer safe. VMware is a good choice, and they even have a trial so you can test it.
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    ok the program is full however I dont have the cd key.... the program is call chief architect x*

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    if the setup requires a serial
    than what you should do is:::
    if the Next button is inactive you should see if it gets active when you type
    any number or word than you can try using UniExtract which is freeware and
    is used to extract files from Setups

    if the Next doesnt get active till you type a correct serial than you can use
    this method. try to find a button enabler [google it] and type the Next
    button which gets enabled as soon as you click it
    this method does not work if the Next button is always activated

    i hope that the setup requires the serial

    if not, just google for the serial, im sure you find it

    hey, i just made a research and saw that there exist cracks for it which can be found at torrents
    google ::: chief architect x*/x2(based on your version) keygen

    the x* version is availaible
    i dont know about x2
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    From a trusted user off a site that I primarily use for my software needs.


    Read the comments since its a keygen, like all other keygens your anti-virus might say it has a virus on it, but it doesn't you just have to disable after downloading the the program open > get key > virus scan if you are skeptical and you got yourself a full ******** version.

    EDIT: Make sure you have a program like UTorrent to open the files.

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