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Thread: Someone teach me THINGS haha

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    Someone teach me THINGS haha

    Hey I want someone to teach me how to get passwords and hack into things who knows what they're doing. I don't know anything about computers but the basics ... basically. ; ) But I'm not a dumb girl, so I promise I won't be too irritating to teach. Someone help me!

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    Hello, your first step would be to learn programming languages.

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    I guess by "hacking into things" you mean online accounts and websites. Your best bet would be to start learning how websites work (the languages they are programmed in). You have to know how something works to exploit it. The languages you should focus on are (in order of importance) HTML, PHP, SQL, JavaScript. You can learn them all here:

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    If you learn some thing to join some good institute, because it's provide you proper knowledge.

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