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Thread: "Noob" here, probably stupid questions but...

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    "Noob" here, probably stupid questions but...

    I'm trying to find a good keylogger to install on my partner's laptop for "relationship trust building" reasons....that and he had e-blaster installed on mine for 5 months and I didn't realize it.

    Just a couple of questions for you all, don't want to bother you with the annoying newbie shit:

    If I install a logger on one user account, will it log from others on the computer?
    Is it possible for me to set up a logger with an auto-installing or auto-run program and put it on a usb drive to install when it's pl***ed in (maybe bind the file to one of the U* autorun proggies)?

    Is it possible to use an autorun keylogger on a windows system that's been locked with the windows-L command?

    Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Ok ,for that you can use a keylogger with the option "melt". This option will melt into the system once installed and it will record activity on all users.
    If your partner has a good antivirus,you can set up the installation for the next booting.
    [URL=""]This will do just right[/URL]
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