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Thread: In desperate need of keygens! HELP!!

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    In desperate need of keygens! HELP!!

    Does anybody know of RELIABLE easy to use keygens for the following programs?

    Spyware Doctor
    Spyware Fighter
    Registry mechanic
    Paretologic Anti-Spyware

    Please please help me!!

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    When you get into the internet underworld of keygens/ warez, there is nothing very reliable.They are loaded with malware. You can usually find freeware that will do the same or better as those programs you listed.

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    Smile Gonna try to help

    Using pirate bay and only trusted users going to try and help.

    This is for spydoctor, it has a genuine user and serial number.

    This one is for stopzilla, it has a patch in the rar.

    This is for Registry Mechanic. Again from a good user I've download from him many times. Trusted.

    Thats all i found. Good luck finding the rest

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    Quote Originally Posted by helma View Post
    anyone know how to download MobilNova - Media Center for TomTom Current version: 4.*.0.** FULL??? Thanks

    Please discuss it only here

    This is a different section.
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    perhaps, helma you can search warez sites... pm me and i'll give you the url of a few "warez sites"

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    All u specified the torrents but they should have the sufficient seeds and peers which I think wont be there for such a nominal thing go on megaleecher(net)
    I think u may get it there....
    hope it help you...
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