To whoever is looking for a service of hacking a myspace account, you will find several offers from "hackers" who will do the trick for you. One of them is the site: [url][/url] , the site offers the service for $50 per hacked account and the payment is requested after they hacked the account. Mney must then be send by ******* ***** to "Russia"!. To make the scam credible, you have to register and give them the number of the myspace account, they search the myspace site and bring you back the name of the user saying that it was hacked and you need to add funds to your account to get the i formation of the ID an. Password ofyour victim.
I went thru all these steps and i sent them several emails requesting the info, but no response at all. I verify with WU that the ***** was picked and I logged in several times and still my accound have 0$.
Pass along this info to avoid others to be scammed too.