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Thread: make my mtv

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    make my mtv

    lots of people,including me ,have no idea how to manage their pictures.
    i didn't know how to do that before,but now i know.so i'm here to share with you guys.
    i've found a software which can easily solve this problem.
    it's Digital Album ******.
    i have made one album with it and the quality is excellent and unbelievable.
    i love westlife so i collect lots of westlife's pictures ,and i make an album.
    and i also add one of my favoriate song "my love" as the background music.
    and the slide effect is awesome.
    anyway,i love it and i want to share it with everyone
    you can get it here [url]http://www.makemymtv.com[/url]
    come on ,have a try.

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    perry1234 Guest
    Making MTV by yourself is really an attractive thing, enjoying the whole process and do the work with friends or family members!

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