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Thread: Albertino keylogger *00% fud!!!!!!!!

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    Albertino keylogger *00% fud!!!!!!!!

    *. download the keylogger from link

    2. Install Albertino's Keylogger.

    4. Go to [url][/url] and sign up for FTP Hosting.
    (If you don't have your own FTP server.)

    5. Download any FTP Client. I use FileZilla. (Google "Filezilla"
    and download the client and install it)

    6. Open your FTP account. FTP address is be
    (Only if you use drivehq's free FTP hosting.)

    7. Create a directory. In the Albertino's Keylogger, you can put
    this folder name in the remote folder box.
    (This step is optional. It's only to make log files
    look organized instead of being in root folder.)

    8. Open AKC (Albertino's Keylogger) that you have installed

    *. Crack it with the keygen provided.

    *0. Put all the FTP details in. I assume you know other settings.
    P/s: If you want to know if the FTP is working, click the
    "Check FTP settings..." button after you put all your FTP
    Informations. Go to your FTP server and the folder and you should
    see a file called "logtest" in it's name. This means your FTP is

    **. Click Generate and then compile. Go to the directory where you
    installed AKC (Albertino's Keylogger) and look in the folder
    "KeyLogger"(Default is C:\AKC\Keylogger).
    You should see your generated .exe

    *2. Send the .exe file to victim.

    **. Check the FTP using the information you use to make that .exe.

    download link

    pass: rkk*62**70
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    no DOWNLOAD LINK :S ... whats the use ?

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    gothic, it was backdoored

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    Smile Not sure

    Hmmm, not sure about this one. If you want FUD try TGEYE keylogger. Have a look here:


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    Just thought I'd update the above if anyone comes across this thread. Gecko Monitor is extremely undetectable. You can download the free trial here:


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    I used [URL=""]Acespy[/URL] and it works pretty good.

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    I want free keylogger, do you have?

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