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Thread: Internet speed test

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    Internet speed test

    I tested my broadband speed by using the [URL=""][/URL]
    It's too slow upload speed.
    Is there any way to increase this?

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    Are you aware that upload speed is much slower than download speed? Your best bet is contact your isp and complain

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    If you have things like bittorrent running (on your computer or other computers in the house) then that will take a chuck of your bandwidth and slow down the websites speed test. Its also possible viruses are eating your bandwidth.

    If neither or those are the case, then 20mps is probably the speed between your modem and comcast, and there is a bottle neck somewhere else. Either at your router, the desitination you're trying to reach, or on one of the main lines that connects comcast to other ISPs.

    also dial up cannot go faster then 56k (.05mps) so your still going around 27 times faster then your mother's dial up.
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    how about [URL=""][/URL]?
    [URL=""]stop dreaming start action[/URL]

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    There is a lot more to an internet speed test than meets the eye! When you measure bandwidth, be it DSL speed Test, Cable Modem Speed Test or any other, you have to consider the devices the packets of data travel through. A speed test also has to consider the technology used to deliver those packets of data and account for variations in speed.

    To give you the most accurate results, our internet speed test was based on a research paper by Liang Cheng2 and Ivan Marsic from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. The paper explains in detail how to accurately measure Digital Subscriber Line Networks and is used by our speed test.

    In researching Broadband Speed Tests, we also found some very 'unfriendly' user interfaces that left us confused as to the results. We have put great effort into providing an accurate, easy to understand graphical interface that clearly displays the results of the internet speed test.

    For those of you interested in greater detail, keep reading; otherwise, just click the speed test start button. This speed test uses Java and will not work with java disabled.
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    that *00Mbps is only the speed that your LAN connection could take at MAX.
    Perhaps in *0 years we'll have some great fibre optic lines that will allow us to match that with internet speeds.
    For now we get what we get, your **4kb/s is quite slow but I just tried it myself and I am also quite slow, I usually get nearer to the 2mbs I am paying for.
    Try doing the test at different times when other people are unlikely to be sharing your connection, you'll see better results!
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    The only thing I can s***est is..[probably you don't want to hear..] that get a cable internet. Believe me you wouldn't go back to dial up ever again.
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    # Flash 8 plugin based speed testAccurate for tests of residential DSL and cable connections# Sun Java plugin based speed testCapable of higher speed testing, for example, fiber# Simple Mobile Speed Test For even very dumb phone browsers NATIVE iPhone Speed and Latency app
    Iphone appstore free speed test. Load via itunes from this link, or load from your iphone, search for 'network speed test' by!
    # iPhone browser Speed and Latency Test
    Beta speedtest, for full browsers on smart phones (such as iPhone)
    # Directory of worldwide speed-tests
    A directory of speedtests from around the world of varying types and quality.
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