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Thread: Locked out of my control panel

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    Locked out of my control panel

    I've tried running many different spybot erasing and registry maintence programs but I still can't figure out what is happening to my computer. About a month ago an attack was made that shut me out of my control panel on windows *8. I was able to get back into the control panel but now I can't use any of the features in it, if I click on anything it tells me that access is denied to that path or file. I imagine that my system settings were overridden by someone, is it possible to restore them to how they were?

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    Do you use a firewall? Kerio Personal Firewall can block acess to components like that if configured properly/unproperly...

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    Try going to Start, Run, type in SFC. Make sure you have your win*8 CD handy. System File Checker should repair any damage to windows files that may have become corrupt.
    Good luck.

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