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Thread: Hot to- Hack an invision Free forum.

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    Hot to- Hack an invision Free forum.

    Hello, I will be using brutus for this demonstration. There is a forum I dislike, well, They will be known as [Target*].

    Start out at this link standard: [url]http://www.z*[/url].

    Thats the basis, the most important part, is to have admin.php in there.

    Afterwards, start up brutus, enter in the Target, in this case, [target*]

    Set it to HTTP form, and click modify.

    Now, enter in the link another time, and set the target, now, click Username and Password, hit the button username on username, Password on password.

    Now, go back, and try logging in the target admin's account, you will **.*****% chance fail, now, Take what it says as a redirect, and paste it, click positive. Now, On the second on, leave it blank. and leave it unchecked.

    Now, enter in the username on brutus after hitting accept, and checking Single Username, then, make sure you have a wordlist, if you do now, search for one using google.

    now, Click run, and Save Operation, leave it and in a day or so (Depending on size of wordlist and luck) The password will come up, moderate it daily, it tends to shut down often.

    After that, i would ban all admins and admin one of your accounts, quickly, log in and ban the admin account you used, for Root admin banning, ban his IP. You cannot de mod him.

    Happy hacking!

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    I like how in the dictionary it said they hack teamspeaks as it isnt hard, some guest comes, gets the admin to press some buttons...bam! They are admin and with the commands they have learnt can ban you and take control. I wouldnt call it hacking, and i know this because someone did it to me. This is why Ventrilo is a lot better.

    And phpBB is very hard to hack, almost impossible, with IF and ZB you can probably use SQL injections more easily or JavaScript.
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    it won't work for me it comes up with unable to resolve host

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    I'm not really well versed in the arts of using the computer without software aid, anyway, my friend's friend created a invision free ***rd for roleplaying, and this hacker who hates my friend's friend hacked into the original ***rd and deleted it, now he is attacking the second ***rd that we have made... Can someone give me some insight on how this hacker is always successful? Is there anyway to block this?
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    Never successful on me. A little problem with the host server. I'm really disappointed not to start hacking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mat* View Post
    Never successful on me. A little problem with the host server. I'm really disappointed not to start hacking.
    I imagine that hacks from 200*-20*0 will not work.

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    Hot to Hack an invision Free forum

    In the design for this forum we have positioned search fields on the forum view and the topic view. These fields allow you to perform a keyword search...login to view the rest of this post

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