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Thread: How to install PHP on Apache?

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    Open your browser and access the file by typing "localhost/test.php" into your browser's address bar. Do not open the file directly on the hard disk - you'll only see the words you typed in earlier. You need to use the above URL so that the browser will try to access your Apache web server, which in turn runs PHP to interpret your script.

    If all goes well, you should see a pageful of information about your PHP setup. Congratulations - you have successfully installed PHP and configured Apache to work with it. You can upload this same file, test.php, to your web host and run it there to see how your web host has set up his PHP, so that you can mimic it on your own machine.

    If for some reason it does not work, check to see whether your PHP setup or your Apache setup is causing the problem. To do this, open a Command Prompt window (found in the "Accessories" folder of your "Start" menu) and run php-cgi.exe on test.php with a command line like "c:\php\php-cgi test.php" (without the quotes)
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    when running the ./configure command, redirect the error output to a file so you can figure out what's wrong. To do this, append "2> error.file" to the configure command, specifying the file to save the error log in.
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