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Thread: Need help...

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    Need help...

    I started to learn PHP but i didn't really like it because you need alot of work to install and use it to actually preview your work, that's why i'm more into Windows Application programing, i'm learning C# , i kind of covered all the basics, from Data Types to Object Oriented programing... i would like to also start a web design language, what should i do?? (By the way i haven't continued learning php)

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    All you have to do to use PHP is install a server. I know the W*Schools page makes it seem like you have to do all this work, but this package called [url=http://www.wampserver.com/en/]WAMPserver[/url] makes it easy. It's a simple point-and-click setup for all the things you need to use PHP effectively, like Apache, MySQL, and of course PHP itself. I would s***est giving it a try before you decide to quit PHP.
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    I have heard a lot of the mentioned terms but haven't tried doing one of them. Just connecting to a VPN network is all I could say. I think this PHP and other things are important for us to know but how can we learn without somebody to teach us? Well, then we need self motivation in order to learn. Thanks for the thread by the way!

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