He gays I'm Doctor noua like my name
i'm a good hacker,cracker,i read all the forum thread i dont found any threat about the hacking,the true hacking with bifrost,Pro rat,subseven,poison iVy,so i decide to participat my hacking skills with you.
first i'm not english man i'm french so sorry for my english
i like this forum very much and i like to teach any one to learn hackin PC
you want to hack a email password ? you like to make a undictable server ?
you like to learn The biggiest Hackin tool for free like number one bifrost or Pro rat ou Poison Ivy ?or sub seven
Not problem i teach you from the first step
and if you want to crypted your server i help you to use biggiest Crypted tool HEX WORKSHOP I teach you every thing just i like this forul because i see that the member meet big problem
First i have all the best hacking tool on my Pc if same member need help uploaded for him
Second,never trust any crypted tool never and never and never trust keylogger tool because there hacking you first.
Third use the Atomic bomb to hack any thing "BifrosT *.2D" and i have the original version
So Gays I'm here to help any one from the opening the Bifrost Port and crypted your server and send him to any victim and envoyé hacking his computer
i spend * years to learn crypted and build and modefied hackin tool and i like to teach any one he want and i'm new member and i hope to have many friend here true friend and we make a hacking team
finaly Gays i'm here always if same one need me