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Thread: Cracking a Pass

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    Cracking a Pass

    It's going to sound really stupid, but I know little to nothing about cracking or hacking, so yea, I'm a noob. I've tried searching on several sites (including this one), but everything I read just gets me more confused. So a note: if you're going to start running your mouth off about keyloggers and sniffer and blahblah, you better be prepared to deal with an idiot who knows next to nothing.

    I'm actually asking if someone can crack her pass for me, because I am a noob, but whatever.

    I want someone to crack the admin of an invisionfree ***rd's password for me. [URL="http://z**.invisionfree.com/Unite_or_Die/index.php?showuser=*"]This is her account/***rd.[/URL]

    If you can't crack her pass on Invisionfree for whatever reason (I've seen lots of contradicting posts on this blaaaah), then she has several other accounts on other places I can give out, including: dA, meebo, Yahoo mail, Google mail, and probably some others I'm forgetting.

    Anyways. Yeah. Flame me or don't. Do it or not. Make me non-stupid or just do it for me, I don't really care. ^^;

    NOTE: if you crack her pass for me, it's much appreciated, but please PM IT TO ME (don't post it here).

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    according to the profile, this person is *2 years old....be careful

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    The person he is reffering to owns a webs.com website,and also a forum that still down. Sapphie........ has a ymail and gmail account for email adress,using the gmail for the administrator contact.
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    *2 years old kid?

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    Cracking a Pass

    Have you guys started work on cracking mkbv*4 yet? Anydvd cant handle it yet, i know you guys have cracked all the previous ones, would be great if you could manage to crack this new version.
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    Cracking a Pass

    Well I dont know. When I start writing it, I didnt know it will be a "tutorial", if you can call this tutorial. Its just some info.

    I think Ill add some in the future about the encrypton algorithms.
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    Cracking a Pass

    I have done all the cracking missions on my Vista box. I wish people wouldn't blame Vista for everything; if you have the memory to let it hog, its a good OS.
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    If cracker knows that the password is a certain word he may use dictionary attack. Then only words from dictionary are tested as password candidates. The dictionary contains less than *00.000 words so they can be tested very quickly - in most cases in a few seconds.

    The combination of two attacks mentioned above is known as "syllable attack". It may be used when password is deformed or unexisting word is used, and the cracker can combine the syllables to get such a word.

    The most powerful attack is "rule-based attack". It can be used in any case when cracker obtains some information about the password he wants to crack. For example, he knows that password consists of the word and one- or two-digit number. He writes the rule and the program generates only suitable passwords (user*, mind67, snapshot** etc). Another example - he knows that the first letter is in upper case, the second is a vowel and the password length is not greater than 6. This information can decrease the number of possible passwords in 20-*0 times. This method includes all - brute force, dictionary and syllable attacks.

    Finally, some weak algorithms allow "known-plaintext attack". It means that the cracker has some files or file fragments in un-encrypted form and wants to decrypt others. Strong cryptoalgorithms successfully resist this type of attack - the knowledge of un-encrypted file will give nothing to cracker.
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    shifa555 Guest
    Extremely impressed at the ease and speed with which the Ophcrack Live CD cracked my Windows admin password when I tested it out last a few weeks ago, I thought it might be useful to throw together a quick guide detailing how to use this powerful little utility.

    Whether you need to recover the lost password to a Windows account, you're looking to ensure that your passwords are secure, or you're a super l**t h4x0r, the Ophcrack Live CD is a pretty useful tool.

    After you download and burn the Live CD, the gallery below will walk you through every simple step in the process.
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