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Thread: need assistance

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    need assistance

    Hi all,

    There is this person I'd like to spy on. I am wondering how I should go about sending them a keylogger (I have said person's email addy and ymessanger). keylogging is probably the easiest method(s) for a newb like me, yea?
    They don't live anywhere near me i.e. no physical access, and yea, I notice this looks like all those other "will you hack this person for me (show me/do this for me)?" threads. lol. my apologies, just seeking advice I guess.

    What's a good and fairly easy to use undetectable keylogger? I know there are tutorials somewhere; youtube, google etc, (somewhere on this site)? I don't know a good way to deliver the remote keylogger (disguise it). Can anyone recommend anything or point me in the right direction? not sure where to start-- just need some help really.
    If anyone can help me here, via pm or messanger I'd greatly appreciate it. I also understand if my thread gets moved or deleted. Anyways thanks for the time and help if anyone can.

    Edit: I've been looking through some threads and ones pertaining to this topic on the forum, forgot to mention that. and btw ty, gordo.

    playing with the trial version of spytector.
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    A good remote install keylogger is spytector.com

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    getting started

    I'm tinkering with the trial version of Spytector..that i just downloaded earlier. Having an issue with the SMTP address part, though. The user manual has been pretty helpful if i need it, until that point (lol). So yea, when I do a test it comes up, "The Email Address is not working". I'm using a gmail account. At any rate I think I can find most other stuff reading through threads.

    I'm probably gonna want to use a binder/packer/crypter once I upgrade to a full version of Spytector or any other keylogger though, right? I've seen file-joiner, themida and trendy mentioned here. Spytector seems to be liked around here for a remote keylogger (and I want to stay undetected). I'm probably gonna want to purchase the keylogger - is it ok to use cracked versions of the other tools..or nah?

    so I guess I'm still workin' on:

    -how to disguise it/wrap it up and my method of delivery
    -upgrading to a full version
    -getting all the tools etc

    anyone have any s***estions?

    p.s. sorry for the questions& the posts. I'm sure you guys get annoyed since there's been a wave of these type of threads/questions etc. lol. ty!

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    for smtp try if port 25 doesn't work try 465 or 587. Make sure you have the correct smtp server name. smtp.**********
    Spytector can't be crypted, it corrupts it.
    File-joiner.com is a file binder. It combines 2 or more files into one executable file. When that file is executed, all the files will run.

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