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Thread: How To increase the Internet speed

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    How To increase the Internet speed

    My internet speed is download speed:*757 and Upload speed :550 I check this speed test @ free of cost from [url]http://www.ip-details.com/[/url] Now i want to increase my Internet speed... So need help pls................

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    There's not always a lot you can do for this sort of thing, but I know a couple things that are known to help. So if you are using Firefox (which you kind of have to be for any of my tips to work) download the FasterFox addon. You can either Google search it or go to Firefox's addon site and search.

    This one helps, I believe, a bit. That is to disable IPv6 in Firefox (IPv6 is the replacement for IPv4 when IPv4 runs out of possible IP Addresses from all the new computers popping up around the world but is not hardly used right now). In your Firefox address bar type "about:config" without the quotes. In the filter bar type "ipv6" and one result should be left. Double click it, network.dns.disableIPv6, so that its value is set to true.

    The next does *********ly help but can throttle websites bandwidth just a bit if set too high. One again type "about:config" in Firefox's address bar. In the filter type "network.http.pipelining", or just type "pipelining" to get all the results we need to edit, and double click it so that it's value is True. Next type in "network.http.pipeling.maxrequests" and set it's value to about 4, which I believe is the default. In any case I wouldn't recommend anything higher than 8. Basically what this second edit does is change the amount of times Firefox demands the page to be loaded. I personally believe anything between 2 and 4 is quite fine. Finally type in "network.proxy.pipelining" and set its value to true.

    So those are all types that will help if you're just browsing, with Firefox, and I'm not sure I know any general modifications to help your connection constantly... actually... well I haven't used it myself so this is more or a less a 'good luck buddy' sort of thing. But I believe SG TCP Optimizer is supposed to be a decent program to tweak your internet connection. You'd kinda have to just try and check to see if it helps or not.

    Also as BearClaw said Adblock Plus is a great addon for firefox. It will save yourself a bit of bandwidth by blocking tons of ads.

    Hope at least something I said will help. I remember what it's like having slow internet too =(
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    QoS Packet Scheduler is a method of network bandwidth management that can monitor the importance of data packets and depending upon the priority of the packet, give it higher or lower priority or bandwidth levels. It's not very useful unless you're using apps which are QoS-aware or running a server, so you can gain some network overhead back by turning it off.

    Make sure you're logged on as actually "Administrator". Do not log on with any account that just has administrator privileges.

    Expand the Local Computer Policy branch.

    Expand the Administrative Templates branch.

    Expand the Network branch.

    Highlight the "QoS Packet Scheduler" in left window.

    In right window double click the "limit reservable bandwidth" setting.

    On setting tab check the ENABLED item.

    Where it says "Bandwidth limit %" change it to read 0 (ZERO).

    Close gpedit.msc.
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    easellUnano Guest

    How To increase the Internet speed

    When I edit html files from my computer, they keep opening in the same browser that I have opened. How do I fix it so that html files will open in their own windows?

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    How To increase the Internet speed

    I advertise on the internet and they want me to link my webpage to their webpage with an html code...Then they will list my website on their page..Thanks for all your help.I use geo cities page builder for my webpage.

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    How To increase the Internet speed

    Hello I am going to change provider because it throttles my bittorrent speed.

    I am now with JCOM ZAQ.

    I can not use KDDI Hikari One because I do not live in an appartment.

    what other providers dont throttles the internet connection?

    thank you

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    How To increase the Internet speed

    I would like to get an idea how most people are getting their internet, and what bandwidths they are getting where they live. I hope everyone feels comfortable sharing. I get *84Kbps in Linden with T-online DSL.

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    ghaja Guest
    Step *
    Connect a router to your modem and Internet connection. There are two main types of routers: a standard router with multiple Ethernet output ports and a wireless router that has only one input port and transmits a wireless signal with an antenna.
    Step 2
    Hook up all your computers to the router. Use a single Ethernet cable for each of your computers, pl***ing each into a separate output port. Plug in the router's power adapter once all cables are connected.
    Step *
    See if all your computers have a wireless card installed if you are using a wireless router. All recently made computers will have this standard. If you have an older computer without a wireless card, install a wireless PCI card into an open PCI slot or connect a USB wireless antenna.
    Step 4
    Configure your router by logging onto the Internet from one computer, going to the manufacturer's ISP address and inputting a user name and password. All the needed information will be included in the router's instruction manual.
    Step 5
    Encrypt your wireless network if you don't want others "piggybacking" your signal and possibly reading your files. On the same configuration page you logged onto, create a network name (also known as an SSID) and encryption key (password) of your choice. You'll have a choice of Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or Wireless Encryption (WEP).
    Step 6
    Set your computers to receive the wireless signal. Go to your desktop's Control Panel menu or right-click the taskbar's wireless icon and select "View Available Wireless Networks" Find your router's SSID in the list that appears, select it and click "Connect." You will need your encryption key/password. Repeat for all the other computers.
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    How To increase the Internet speed

    Also bear in mind that the speed that individual sites load isnt just down to your internet connection speed. It can also depend upon the site itself. A lot of companies dont keep pace with demand when hosting their sites.
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    How To increase the Internet speed

    I agree there is so much crap on the internet now about how to market your business or start a business online - at best most of it is worthless at worst it is a fraud

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    Thanks for letting me know regarding the new add on which would help me in sorting out the internet speed. I'll check through this.
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    الســـــراوي Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mkcitizen View Post
    my internet speed is download speed:*757 and upload speed :550 i check this speed test @ free of cost from [url]http://www.ip-details.com/[/url] now i want to increase my internet speed... So need help pls................
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    admira Guest
    To increase ur internet speed go to network places click on view netwrk connection ,and then the connection with which u r using ur internet right click on that connection click on properties there u'll find modem tab click on that.then after selecting the usb modem nokia72*0 click on configure.select the modem speed to maximum and click on ok.
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