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Thread: How to Spy on Someone’s Computer

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    How to Spy on Someone’s Computer

    Sometimes, we need to monitor someone's computer for a certain reason(not bad purpose)
    but it's not so easy to do that.I got this website which tell us the steps of how to spy,very useful.

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    Step *.

    Firstly, you need to get the remote spy software Realtime-Spy from [url][/url] .

    Realtime-Spy is the FIRST remotely installable monitoring solution designed to provide convenient access to the monitored PC from ANY LOCATION without the use of IP addresses and direct connections to the remote PC! It works in totally stealth and can not be detected by the user of the remote PC.
    Step 2.

    Create customized agent program.

    Realtime-Spy comes with a configuration program that allows you to create a remote install module that you e-mail to the remote PC you wish to monitor. You must attach this file you create to an email, and then send it to the remote PC. From there the user must download and run the attached file to install Realtime-Spy. You can choose to enable or disable the R*6;alert userR*7; option that Realtime-Spy has. Once the user runs the file, their activities will be stored on our servers, so you can view them from any location R**; securely, of course.

    To aid the install process, you can give any name to the install module you create R**; such as CoolPictures.exe or FunGame.exe (it must always end with the .exe extension to run).

    Step *.

    Mask the agent program to Microsoft Word doc and Send it by email attachement.

    Some e-mail systems may block executable attachments R**; do not worry, however, as this can be avoided. To bypass executable blocking by the remote e-mail server, you can drag and drop the Realtime-Spy module into a WORDPAD or Microsoft Works document. From there you can email this doc file with the embedded executable to the remote user R**; if they open the doc, and double click the executable R**; then Realtime-Spy will be installed. Zipping the file with software like Winzip also works.

    Note: If the remote user does not download the Realtime-Spy module and run it, then the software will not work R**; you will have to physically install the software.

    Step 4.

    Now you are spying on the remote PC.
    Login to your realtime-spy account and check the logs

    The logs include:
    Passwords typed
    Keystrokes Typed
    Real-time Activity and Keystrokes Viewing
    Email Forwarding
    Desktop Screenshots
    Websites Visited
    Windows Opened
    Chat Conversations
    AOL (including *.0 and Optimized), AOL Instant Messenger, AIM Triton, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger (including 6.x and 7.x), Excite Messenger, GoogleTalk, Skype, XFire, and ***.
    Applications Ran
    Print Jobs Executed
    File Usage
    Documents Viewed
    E-mails typed

    Remote Administration
    You can remotely shutdown, reboot, restart, logoff, or freeze the remote PC.
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    Very professional text! If you want to install spy software on somebody's computer ,you must get permission from him and make sure the sofware you installed is legal.I know some professional spy software ,let's share it
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