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Thread: how to encrypt private photos?

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    how to encrypt private photos?

    The importance of image security - a few years ago in China, a super star named Edison Chen was criticized by the fans because of photo scandal.

    He installs the private photos in his computer and went to mend computer without encrypting them. Then the photos were copied and showed on internet.

    Supposing Edison Chen protect his [url=http://www.xlinksoft.com/picture-encryption/image-security.html]image security[/url] with image encryption software, would his private images were showed on internet? Never!

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    FreeCrypt can be used to mail your private files to someone you trust, too. For example, suppose you want to mail a disc with your digital photos you took on vacation to you grandma, but you are worried the disc may get lost in the mail and get into someone else's hands. To protect your digital photos against misuse, you can use FreeCrypt to create an encrypted container, copy your photo images there, then burn the container's file to a CD-R or DVD-R disc along with a copy of Free Crypt for your grandma's use, and drop it in the mail. You can sleep well now, because no one would be able to extract the photo images from the encrypted container without knowing your password, even if all computers on earth were programmed to do nothing else but attempt to decrypt your container! When your grandma receives the disc, call her and tell her the password. She would run Free Crypt from the disc, enter the password, and would instantly see your digital photo files
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    Thanks for your advice!

    This [URL="http://www.xlinksoft.com/picture-encryption/image-encryption.html"]image encrption[/URL] software is especially to protect photos?

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    Look into true crypt, encrypt any file you want, or your harddrive [url]http://www.truecrypt.org/faq[/url]

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    Private Photos uses Blowfish and MD5 algorithms to encrypt both your photos and your password on your iPhone. This is much more secure than the approach that stores unencrypted photos and password on your device. Even if others retrieved your files on your iPhone, they won't be able to view your pictures.

    Feature Highlights:

    * Protect and organize your private pictures such as family photos, images of important documents, and more

    * Import photos from your iPhone albums or take pictures directly

    * With slide show and zoom features

    * Categorize and edit descriptions on your photos

    * Export photos to iPhone photo albums

    * Rotate and flip images

    * Backup and restore thought any web browser on PC/Mac

    The display name of Private Photos on your iPhone is P.P. Once logged in, the main screen will display the categories that allow you to browse the photos by category or by time stamp. Edit the categories by clicking on the “edit” button on the top right corner. There are 4 function buttons on the bottom of the screen: Import photos from Photo Albums by clicking on the “+” button; take photos directly by clicking on the camera button; lock the app by clicking on the lock button; and set your preference by clicking on the tools button.
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    My Eyes Only™ Photo is an iPhone and iPod Touch app that will protect your private photos from prying eyes. All the photos are fully encrypted and completely password protected. In other words, they are completely safe even if somebody gets access to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

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    Full Sized Photos You Can Zoom
    Full sized photos are stored and encrypted. You can zoom in on any portion of a photo just like in the Photos app.
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