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Thread: voice chat messenger 6.* out

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    voice chat messenger 6.* out

    Have a new pentium 4 2600mhz800fsb, MB MSI 865PE Neo2, audigy *, Windows XP Professional.

    We are used to communicate by mns messenger 6.* with our friends and family. The voice chat doesn't work, we can hear yhem but they cannot hear us, although the green mic level operates good.

    We then tried bij yahoo messenger 5. There not a single problem occured by voice chat.

    I allready installed ENat Voice.
    I disabled firewall and AV
    I removed windows messenger
    I've reformatted and reset windows xp ans messenger 6.*

    Micro settings are dblle-checked, voice recording perfect.

    Can somebody help me, i'm stuck

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    You might need some kind of different codecs for voip chat. I think so. If you would like to contact me about this quastion contact me By E-mail [email][/email]

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